Tracy Seckler

Charley’s Fund
Tracy, along with her husband Benjamin Seckler, M.D., established Charley’s fund in 2004. Charley’s fund is a dynamic foundation focused on supporting the development of new treatments for DMD. Over the past decade, Charley’s Fund has directed $22 million to the advancement of new therapies to help find a cure for their son, Charley and many thousands of children like him. Under Tracy’s  tireless efforts, Charley’s fund has invested in many promising biotech opportunities, including companies such as Sarepta, Prosensa, and PTC Therapeutics. Tracy has served as the executive director of the foundation since its inception. Tracy earned an AB from Harvard College and an MEd from Columbia University.

Tom Wicka

Nash Avery Foundation
Tom Wicka is Co-Founder and CEO of Novu, charged with evangelizing and leading the company’s industry-leading consumer wellness platform. A noted speaker and expert in member loyalty and engagement, Tom works hand-in-hand with the nation’s most innovative health care providers and insurers to deliver member-driven wellness outcomes that benefit the entire health care system.
Prior to Novu, Tom was Chief Marketing Officer for IWCO Direct, a national leader in direct marketing, focusing primarily on developing and managing consumer loyalty and rewards programs for Fortune 500 companies in the travel, hospitality, retail and financial services industries. Tom is a graduate of St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN, and is very active in the promotion of children’s health care causes on a national level.

Joseph was diagnosed with Duchenne in 2008 at age five. He’s a daredevil who spends as much time as possible today testing his body’s limits sledding, racing his dog, and striking out on the soccer field. He’s a little boy with big determination not to be defined by Duchenne. We at Akashi are determined to develop treatments that will help Joseph live a life with no limits.

Joseph: Daredevil. Adrealine-rush junkie. Master sledder. Doesn’t ever want to slow down.